I wanted to report about a very fun and exciting annual event held annually here in New England that relates to a story that we discussed briefly, but never read in class. Given the holiday season, I can’t help but get excited about reading The Polar Express as we have done every Christmas Eve. I remember the beautiful drawings and rich language that have touched my brother and sister even as we have grown up. When I was younger, we took a special trip to the North Pole on the Conway railroad in New Hampshire. The attraction is extremely popular, and each year my mom would put in for a drawing to be able to attend the event. One year, we were lucky and got to head to the North Pole. I remember only a few things about the ride, one of which being that the train was beautiful and another being that the hot chocolate was phenomenal. The memories I have of that day are special and heartwarming and truly brought a favorite book to life. This attraction is something that I hope to visit again with my family, and I hope to keep the tradition of reading The Polar Express on Christmas Eve alive. In this way, children’s books can evoke memories and emotions that become unique to the reader. I have come to appreciate the special place that this book has in my heart and I will read the book a little differently this year after this course. 

A link to the attraction’s site: