At the beginning, M. T. Anderson’s Feed was quite confusing. Feed is the story of a deteriorating futuristic society that is controlled by large corporations, but while reading this the reader must comprehend its satire nature to truly understand how things are portrayed the way they are. In this society, people have been taught to value objects, entertainment, and wealth.  The characters have computer-like devices called “feeds” installed in their heads which allows them to communicate with each other instantly and look up any information they want. However, with all of this information comes with a constant stream of advertisements.

Anderson allows us to follow the life of Titus who has had the feed his entire life. Along the journey, we are introduced to Violet who got a feed later in life. Violet tells Titus “You’re the only one of them that uses metaphor” (63). She notices that Titus is different than the others who have had their feeds their entire lives and that she can share her knowledge of the world with him. Titus finds what Violet says as interesting when she shows him how he can resist his feed, but he conforms back to his society until he becomes fearful. The feed is very powerful, but adds a sense of inhuman to the individuals. The feed can control them as seen when Violets body starts to shut down because her feed malfunctions.

What did I take away from reading Feed? Although the feed, like technology, can seem useful it can also cause people to rely on it too much. The more we become reliant on technology the more of a necessity it becomes to us to the point we don’t know how we’d function without it. Technology is great as long as technology doesn’t take over our lives to that point.