Feed is definitely not my favorite book that we have read this semester. I prefer books with happy endings that give me closure. Feed left me feeling sad for both Titus, Violet, and Violet’s father. I also was left wanting to learn more about the society they live in and what happens to Titus.

I did enjoy some parts of the book though. I liked that the book was set in a futuristic society that is actually plausible. It really made me think about what it would be like to live in that kind of society. The society is so dependent on technology and what scares me is that people today are heading that way too. I see so many people everyday walking and playing with their I-phones. They are too busy with technology to even notice whats going on around them. They can even be a danger to themselves. I’ve heard multiple stories of people walking into fountains because they were too busy texting to notice the fountain right in front of them.  I hope to never see a society as dependent on technology as the society depicted in Feed

Violet’s “definitive list of things [she] wants to do” (229) also really made me think about the simple things we take for granted everyday. Take Violet’s request to sit in a place where she can’t hear the sound of engines. That sounds like a crazy request to us because we live a majority of our lives without hearing engines but we don’t actually realize that. Some of her other requests like to see the last fishes and to go to the mountains where no one really goes anymore are really thought provoking. I’ve seen many fishes before but I have never really appreciated what they meant. In a society where you are able to look up everything at a moments notice, there is no real use for live fish or mountains. You can simply look up a picture online and be satisfied. We can understand that seeing a picture is not the same as seeing an actual mountain but their society is different and technology has taken over. My eyes were certainly opened when I saw what was happening in this futuristic society. I hope I never experience this.