I chose  to volunteer at St. Andrew’s to read to children between 3rd and 5th grade. The first time I went I saw the child playing on the playground. I had completely forgot the feeling of playing on the playground. The kids were very energetic and fun. During each visit, we went to the reading room and began by reading aloud to the children so they had time to calm down. After they had calmed down, each child would pick a book they were interested in, pick their spot to read, and do their individual reading.  This is where I met Ava, Destiny, Joel, and Cobe.

For the visits, I read to one or two students and they read to me. I would read a page aloud and then they would each read a page to me. It worked well because at the end of each page I’d ask for a summary so if they didn’t understand I could help piece it together. The children all had different reading levels, but it was interesting to see their comprehension level change book to book. One day I read to Joel, we read a book he chose, but he struggled heavily just trying to read so he didn’t know what he was reading. He quickly asked if he could pick a different book. He then chose a book about football, and magically he could read each page with ease and great comprehension. The football book wasn’t an easy book, but he explained that it felt easier because he knew a lot about football and plays football. He found it attention-grabbing because it was something he was interested in.

I reminded of several things while reading to the children. For one, the amount of patience it takes when trying to get them to settle down. I also learned that each child had a strong element, but it was different for some. Some were relatively good readers; meanwhile the others did well at other subjects.