The part that I cannot stop thinking about is how communication affects the relationship between Violet and Titus. How individuals build a relationship in the society. As Titus feels bored to live in world, which is full of consumption, he meets the girl, Violet who resists the Feed, and shows Titus the world without feed. Violet is more like a real person who reads, writes, and has the ability to control herself. Titus is fascinated to Violet because she is unlike others and she has the ability to manipulate the language. From the book, I feel sorrow when the real painful feelings on both Titus and Violet. When Violet starts to lose Feed and memories, and her body parts shut down more often.

During this hard time, Violet sends Titus a list of things that she wants to do with Titus, which is the ideal life she wants to have in the future with Titus. She wishes to grow old with Titus, and build a big family with a dog and grandchildren. In return, Titus’s inability to respond and communicate his feeling of sadness on Violet makes me feel frustrated. Titus stops visiting Violet, and starts dating other girl and denies all the responsibility to Violet. In the beginning, I thought it is his unwillingness to share her pains. Later on, I realize that it is more because of his frustration on expressing his feelings toward death. He seems lost on the feeling of dying Violet. The corporations’ controls over people’s minds and educations make people have no power to get a better understanding of themselves, and eliminate the joy of learning. They try to keep things simple and basic, and each person loses the ability to become a real individual and the right to own privacy. At the same time, they miss the everyday interactions between individuals. Communication connects individuals, and help people mature from a child into a young adult with thoughts and desires, it is a pleasure to share and exchange thoughts though communications. 

At the end of the book, Titus goes back to visit Violet, and tells her stories about their relationship though a movie trailer. Titus sees his reflection from Violet’s eyes, and realizes his fears. Again, without the ability to communicate with one another can create a huge block wall between individuals. How can relationships build up? How can we express our caring, love, and responsibility? It will just become a world full numbness and heartlessness.