This Thanksgiving I flipped through the Black Friday deals and got bombarded by T.V. advertisements for the event. I noticed something interesting in the children’s section of each of these ads. While there were lots of toys and electronics on sale, I did not see advertisements for  children’s books. The one exception was the family ad for the Nook HD. Even this is not an ad for a particular book, but a “reader”. In it one child was not even reading, but watching a movie. The other child did have a Dr. Seuss book on the screen, but seemed more interested in tapping the screen to see the moon spin and creature flap its wings.  This observation led me to brainstorm and I realized that books are rarely advertised and seem to be spread more by word of mouth. Do companies see books as something academic and not the “hot new items” children will scream and beg for? Are books too cheap to make advertising worth it? Have stores tried to advertise Black Friday books for children before and was the campaign unsuccessful?  This has sparked my interest and I would like to look into it further.