For anyone who hasn’t seen the movie Idiocracy I urge you to go and watch it immediately. Not only does it relate to novel Feed but it is also wildly entertaining. Much like the movie Feed imagines a world in which our level of critical thinking and our ability to articulate ourselves has devolved to the point of primal urges.

The first part of the novel it seems that the main characters flow through the plot merely by what they want to do, not what they need to do. There seem to be no obligations, no oversight, no authority for any of these teenage figures. I realize that it is their spring break and they want to vacation on the moon but their freedom seems to be unbounded. It was interesting to see the author portray a futuristic means of communication as a tool for instant gratification rather than the ability for extraordinary knowledge (as was the original intention of the ‘feed’).

While I do not doubt that if a technology such as the ‘feed’ was ever invented there would be those who misuse it for entertainment and lethargy. I believe that the potential for human achievement would go far beyond forgetting how to merely formulate a sentence. Even in the nation’s highest office the ‘feed’ has crippled the President’s ability to articulate, so what hope is there for us as a civilization if our most pressing concern is.. like whats like the next hairstyle unit?