Unlike the other books we read in the past, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon has illustrated pictures as chapter titles.Each of the pictures entales what the chapter will be about. These pictures resembles the traditional paper cutting decorations of the Chinese culture. Although they are simple, but they are symbolic in each of the chapter. 


Another thing I really liked about the book is that it is telling many mythical tales of through the mouth of Minli’s father. It is telling a story within a story. This is especially educational for me. Although the author stated at the end of the book that these traditional stories have been altered in her own perspective, I still learned a lot about the traditional Chinese tales. This ties back to the educational aspect of Children’s literature. All the other books we read in the past have embedded small lessons in the story line. However, here the author allows an insert in the chapter to educate readers on the traditional Chinese culture and folk tales. I think it is very nicely done here, because it is as if I was Minli and listening to her father telling stories with her. 

Lastly, this is another girl adventure story just like Alice. She goes on a quest to bring fortune to her family. Along the way, she meets many mythical creatures and learns more cultural tales.Just like Alice, she uses her knowledge and the skills she learned to get through all the obstacles in her journey.