Our identity may change over time. Before Naomi went to Oaxaca, she was a quiet girl and she seems unlikely to share her talents with other people. From the trip, she gains confidence and build her own identity. Even though Skyla performs her poor mother skill to us and changed Naomi’s life upside down. On the other hand, Skyla’s appearance in the novel has a positive side, Skyla is the main fact/cause that makes Naomi “Becoming Naomi Leon”. The author shows readers that difficult situations such as the feeling of loss, abandonment and hope for young children at their early age can push them become stronger, and appreciate the people who are around them, who love them with all hearts (such as Naomi’s love back to her grandmother and younger brother). Page 220 chapter19, “you must carve so that what is inside can become what it is meant to be. When you are finished, the magic will show itself for what it really is”. From the hardships that Naomi has been faced, she reforms herself and gets more and more mature. This quotes reveals that at the early age of children’s developing years; it takes time to let them become the people who they are now. It is a process to explore and carve own identity. When a child is finally grown up, his/her defined identity become his/her individual final project to perform to the society, and becomes a part of the society.

At the end of the novel, we can see how Naomi’s inside identity changes even the outside world stay unchanged. Naomi’s mother pushes Naomi gets mature faster, from escaping her mother, Naomi learns that running away is not the best solution to solve hardships in our life. It is a way to delay a problem that she has to solve later. In reality, while we are trying to solve problems, we are standing up for ourselves, and we own the power to control what we really want. This novel is great about teaching children to overcome obstacles during the time they grow up. The author reveals an image: an innocent mother, and a mature child. Although Naomi is an innocent child at the beginning, she knows her responsibility to her younger brother, who has a shorter leg than the other. She can perceive things that happened around her, and she worries about things and has a mind of courage. Her mother in contrast, who is irresponsible to Naomi and Owen, she abandoned them and later came back to her kids’ lives to do whatever she wants to do. Naomi in the end, as a young child can understand what she is capable of, Skyla may have enough power to take Naomi’s happiness, but Naomi becomes a strong enough girl who can control her own destiny from her hardships and finally can fight for who she is.