Becoming Naomi Leon is the first book we’ve read this semester that really focuses on chapter titles. All the chapters are named after an animal and its appropriate group title such as “a paddling of ducks”. These titles are representative of the soap animals that Naomi carves. There are three exceptions to this pattern, the first, the middle, and the last chapters. Each of these chapters are named after the past, present, and future. These chapters are also written in a different style than the others. They are all in italics, flow in a more eloquent and flowery speech, and focus on Naomi’s feelings more so than actual narrative events.

Many children’s chapter book have either numbered chapters, or ones named after events that happen within those pages. Why do you think Pam Ryan put so much effort into the naming of these chapters? Do you feel that this is effective as children’s literature or would simply be overlooked? Finally I would like to know if anyone remembers a particular book from their childhood that had named chapters that were captivating such as these?