Most folks think you start to be a real adult when you’re fifteen or sixteen years old, but that’s not true, it really starts when you’re around six”(pg 4). Bud, a ten year old boy, who has recently become the newest member in a foster home after his mother’s unexpected death, has been forced to become an adult way before his time. Similar to another young person, that we will be discussed later, however it is interesting how at such a young age, Bud has discovered how children must grow up relatively quickly. Whether it is in their family life, in the community, or as a model for other people, the life of a child is becoming increasingly more difficult. Children like bud are using journeys as an escape, and in his case it is an escape from the foster home. Bud has come up with a certain set of rules to help adapt to the situations that he says adults can not understand that he is in. ” You tell some adult about what’s happening but all they do is say it’s normal. You can’t be too sure though”(pg 5). The adults do not understand what it is like to be a child and they use their journies as an escape.

In Peter and Wendy ” Two is the beginning of the end “(pg 55). which again shows the way in which children must grow up soon. Even at the age of two, making it earlier than Bud said children must grow up. These small children are being forced to take on big responsibilities. Most people, would believe that children don’t have very many issues, but in these two examples through the eyes of the children, they indeed feel like they have alot to work on.