This book is about a man who goes to new foreign country/city to pursue for a better life. He leaves his town with only one suite case and some cash. Once he got to the new place, he has to get a place to live, a job, and figure out ways to bring his wife and kids over. This reminds me a lot like 9 years ago when I had to move from China to the U.S. My mom told me that all I can bring is one large international size suite case. I was so worried. I even had nightmares about cutting my toothbrush in half just so I can fit it into the suite case. We were a little more fortunate than the man in the story. We already rented out a place before we arrive with the help our friends in the U.S. However, my mom had to find a job once we moved in. I’ve never seen my work so hard and been so stress before. Language differences became a major issue for the both of us. My mom was an English language studies major when she was in college and I studied 7 years of English before coming to the U.S. But, that was not enough. It was hard to communicate with others and get things done. Besides the language barrier, transportation became a problem also. In the US, you must learn how to drive in order to get around. Therefore, my mom studied really hard to get a drives license. She failed a couple times and became really frustrating for her. On the other hand, I was having a hard time to fit into school. I could not understand anything in class and distinctly remember how devastated I was when I received my first zero on a quiz. I cried everyday. I was not happy with moving. I had to loose all my best friends and go to a completely strange place. I complained and cried to my mom everyday and told her how much I want to go back to China. Everything seemed very difficult, strange, and unfamiliar. It is just like what the main character encounter in the new country in the book. Everything in the new place is different than what he is used to. He had hard times trying to overcome the differences. In the end, he made it and is able to bring his family to the new country. This  book helps to relate to those who are immigrants and show others how hard it is to become an immigrant. However, I feel like this book was too deep for children’s to understand the true meaning behind the pictures. I think its more like an adult picture book, which goes back to the question of what really is the age group of children readers?