As a I read through Charlotte’s web, I realized Wilbur’s feelings of sudden change in his environment is a lot like how I felt when I first go to kindergarten. When Wilbur first arrived at the barn, the barn was a very unfamiliar place for him.  At first he was ok with the change, because Fern was by his side to keep him company. Eventhough Fern could not come in and play with him, he was happy that to know that Fern was sitting there right outside of the his pen. But, when Fern stops to visit Wilbur everyday, he felt lonely and bored. Reading about Wilbur’s experience in the new barn reminds me of how I felt when I first went to Kindergarten. I was so happy living at home when I was little. I had a nanny and she played with me everyday. We went to parks in the morning, walked around the farmers market to buy grocery for the day, stop by the park again to rest, go home for a nap, watch television and cartoon, learn to recite commercials, keep my nanny company while she makes dinners, go for the park for a walk for exercise, go home for shower, then finally go to bed with a bed time story. This is what a typical day liked for me when I was young. I was so happy with the things I do everyday and spending time with my nanny. Then, suddenly the time has come for me to go to kindergarten. When my mom first told me it was time for me to go to school, I was terrified. The thought of going to a completely new and strange environment and the thought of not being able to do all these activities with my nanny horrifies me. I threw a fit with my parents for at least a month. Then the time has finally come for me to go to the first day of school. On the first day of school, I was nervous. I didn’t know what to bring, what the other kids at kindergarten will be like, what school is like, etc. I remembered getting dressed slowly in the morning and slowly ate my breakfast to try to stall time. I also remember crying as soon as we get to the gate of the door of my classroom. My mom and my nanny took me to school that morning and as we approach the door of my classroom I would not let go of my nanny’s arms. I refused for them to leave me behind to such a strange and unfamiliar environment. Therefore, my mom and nanny promised to stay and watch me through the windows of the classroom to make me feel better. That is when I finally agreed to go into the classroom. Although I felt really uncomfortable sitting in the class room, but knowing that my mom and my nanny is watching me from the outside gave me comfort. This is why when I read about Wilbur in the new barn, I felt a sense of emotional connection with Wilbur. I can understand how he feels and what its like to be in a completely new environment. 

All in all, I really enjoyed reading this book. This is my favorite so far.