I grew up without reading this novel, I kind of have the feeling of pity because this novel reveals great meanings about nature (death and life) and friendship; what is a real friendship? I understood the real meaning of this term after meeting my best friend from middle school: it is a spirit of giving and sacrificing without complaints. And after all the joys we have shared and all the difficulties we have gone through, a real friend is a part of your family, your shadow and your inner soul. I think this is a classic novel to read. “Charlotte’s Web” is a story about friendship, promises, and love. An ordinary spider can weave miracles for her friend, such as “Some Pig”, “Terrific”, “Radiant”, “Humble”. Those words totally changed Wilbur’s life, and motivated him to win a successful future for himself. When Charlotte finished doing everything for Wilbur, Charlotte ended her lifetime, but remain an immortal friendship with Wilbur. We came to this world alone, and also alone when we face to death. How can we get rid of this loneliness? How can we design our worthy life? I think each individual should create own web with love, and your love will enlighten and motivate others to dream more. Then you are being significant in the world. Life is limited, but is there anything we can last forever? I think in the novel, Charlotte’s egg sac is a symbol of immortal spirit that she left after death. And the attachment between Wilbur and her offspring will never end.

The author creates a story with talking animals to captivate children’s attention and let them know how we should treat our friends and how to keep friends for life during their early ages. In the novel, Charlotte says: “What is a life, anyway? We are born, we live a little while, and we die. A spider’s life cannot help being something of a mess, with all this trapping and eating flies. By helping you, perhaps I was trying to life up my life a trifle”. The nature of live and death is constant. Different instincts have different life cycles. Like Wilbur was born in spring and Charlotte died in autumn. Life is short, we can choose to be mediocre, but we can also make it significant. Charlotte creates herself a meaningful life with a goal to save Wilbur’s life, her behavior shows that a worthy lifetime is not measured by how long it is, but how much love you give, and how much you left to the people who are still alive. In reality, it is dismal to have a life without love; we should enjoy all the emotional and wonderful moments with friends and live our life with a purpose.