The second half of Peter and Wendy is full of conflicting messages of want of independence and need for a mother figure. Specifically the chapter The Happy Home (124) demonstrates how even these rebellious little young boys still need a mother figure in their lives. For as much as Peter never wants to grow up he assumes a parental role effortlessly within the chapter. Consistent references to father, and mother imply very defined roles of Peter and Wendy as heads of household for the younger boys and even begin to define how the collective interacts within the underground home. I think that it is interesting to note that Peter seems to enjoy the authority associated with being a father figure however later when asked to leave Neverland Peter reacts in a way that would be typical of a little boy. Demonstrating at the same time a youthful exuberance and a parental leadership household role. The use of phrases and terms like progeny, old lady, mother, father, devoted son all of these point to a collective family unit. But the mismatch of children acting out these roles seems at odds with their desire to be a functional family.