When I was a child, I often heard the phrase, “Anything is Possible”. My parents, teachers, and other surrounding adult figures reiterated the idea that I can achieve, get, and become whatever it is that I set my mind to. This same idea of possibilities also resonated throughout Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass. For example, it is possible to speak with animals, chess pieces, and even flowers and trees. It is also possible to change physical sizes through artificial means and to travel among different places instantaneously, like telepathy. Thus, for Alice, her dream to become a queen in the Looking-Glass world is also unquestionably attainable. But as she begins her journey to the eighth square, she experiences diversions and delays as she continues toward her destination. Alice risked losing her identity and missing the train and getting lost in the woods. These events are reflective of what reality can impose upon one’s journey toward realizing a dream. Realistically, our lives are filled with temptations and diversions and unexpected events that deflect from the original goals. Along the way, we must make decisions of whether to continue or to change paths. But as Alice exemplified by remaining focused on her dream, it is possible to reach the intended ending.

But again, it is still a dream. Reality is a little harsher than a child’s dream.