Alice through the looking glass is about Alice goes on an adventure again. This adventure unlike the other one, it is similar to a chess game. Therefore, it a way she has a expectation on when the journey will end or how it will end. Although, she meets unfamiliar things as game goes on, but anyone would know a chess game wins when someone takes over the queen or the king’s spot. To me, there’s no surprise that Alice will win. However, Alice Through The Looking Glass is very similar to Alice and the Wonder Land in a sense that she goes on this very out of ordinary and imaginary adventures. Similar to the Alice and the Wonderland, Alice is introduced to a lot of things that she is not familiar with. These things are probably not a child at her age could ever imagine or have seen. I’ve always found that the things she encounters through out her journey is very bizarre and scary, which is why when I was kid I refuse to red Alice Through the Looking Glass and Alice and the Wonderland. My friends could never understand why. I found that the things she encounter is very inappropriate for kid her age. The story line to me is somewhat horrifying. Take Alice and the Wonderland for example, Alice meets the caterpillar who tells her if she eats one of the mushroom she will be taller and the other side will make her smaller. To me that is imposing the effect of hallucination, which is introducing drugs to kids, Alice’s adventures are unlike the adventures books we usually read about. Usually the adventure books are about a boy or a girl goes on an adventure and learns a lesson a long the way. For example, Dora the Explorer goes on an adventurous journey to learn Spanish. I failed to understand through both novels what Alice have learned from the journeys that she went on. Usually children’s book has an education twist to it, but I was not able to get that through both Lewis Carroll’s novel.